Ubuntu 22.04 is really good!

I haven’t used Ubuntu in a long time because I feel it has been falling behind in innovation.
22.04 is a great release, though. Gnome 42 is fantastic and I love that they’ve built-in dash-to-dock.
Seriously considering switching to Ubuntu for the first time in years.


Indeed it is! I noticed a lot of people moving to it as of late. I am never fully settled on one distro so when one gets a new update, I make sure to play around with it. I was surprised with this update though. It felt way more modern!

It’s pretty good. However, you may want to hold off for a bit; or test your setup before taking the jump too soon.

For example, Gnome shell extensions - make sure if you use many 3rd party extensions that they will work and go over the changes and additions for 22.04: GNOME Shell 42, Linux kernel 5.15 & Mesa 22,
Wayland by default, etc.


I am waiting a bit before I commit. I am happy to see they made some impressive changes but I always give any new updates to any distro a month or two before I make use of it.

As a Mac user, I only use Linux on servers, so I run them without a GUI. I’ve been running Ubuntu 20.04 for a while, but have started switching them to 22.04, and I agree – 22.04 is great. And, with infrastructure-as-code, it’s pretty simple to just deploy a new VM. :slight_smile:

I use it also,converted a xubuntu 22.04 to ubuntu 22 04,actually running both…main problem is that i cant really decide what i like best:(

The laptop is a HP elitebook 840 G3 with 16gb ram,so both work nicely but xubuntu is like lightning and ubuntu is ubuntu,but really good:)

Anyone else tried both?