Anything new under Fedora?

I was looking into different options and I think I want to use an RPM distro again, I tend to gravitate back to them, especially for work. I am fine with preview release options and don’t need all the bells and whistles right now. Is there anything new under Fedora like this?

Why not just run Fedora back if you are looking for something different? I can’t think of anything new or worth using myself.

F36 is worth a visit if you need a system wide dark mode.

I was on Fedora for a long time. However, two things eventually moved me back to Ubuntu LTS.

  1. Support by 3rd party software vendors.

  2. Stability. I had a couple of times where after updating Fedora I would have to manually fix minor to medium issues. And about 2x my nvdia and/or Wayland config and install got so messed up that I had to boot in rescue mode. With LTS things are a bit older feeling, but just work! Looking forward to 22.04 LTS.


I have had issues with Ubuntu when it came to gaming. I tried it a few times but I always ended up going back in the other direction. It is a shame too because I otherwise would rather use Ubuntu. I am going to be setting up a new PC to run it so I can have a workstation separate from my gaming rig.

Well, Fedora 40, which is due out in May 2024, will include the KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment by default

Pretty significant, especially since it will finally drop X11 and default to Wayland.

I think Fedora 37 is the very latest under Fedora. It packs the latest GNOME 43. The performance is highly improved and the device security panel has been revamped. Popular languages like Python 3.11 are packed in it.

The latest release is Fedora 39. With 40 to be released this May: Fedora Linux 40 Schedule: All