Advice on a better Linux distro to use

I have been using Ubuntu on my older laptop now since around 2019 and as much as I do not have any issues with it, I have heard that there are some other options in terms of distros that would be better to use.

As someone who is still fairly new to Linux even though I have been using one type of distro for around 5 years now, what other distro would you recommend?

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Another good distro that is debian based would be Linux Mint. Its what I run and its super clean and simple. Love it


I am also using the Linux Mint as given and on top of that run the following

sudo apt-get install gnome
sudo apt-get install ubunutustudio-look

and you will have all the debina based distro addons.

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I would suggest Fedora to you because it gives you an almost same user experience with your current setup. It’s features are top notch cutting edge and there is a strong community to support you. Even though it uses RPM as a file manager compared to Ubuntu’s DEB but they are amazingly similar in the usability.

I also recommend the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint. I’ve tried many distros but I like this one more than the others. It’d give you the best desktop experience on a Linux system.

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From my personal experience. While I still have Ubuntu 22.04 on my notebook, my troubles are:

  • I hate snap
  • I hate the bundle of useless South-Asian fonts that desktop Ubuntu comes with.

My solution:

  • for servers. our standard distro is Debian.
  • for desktops, we are moving towards a custom Debian-based installer, too.

I think gnome and ubuntustudio-look does not need manual installation if you install third parties softwares check box in the installation of new release or upgrade from lts to lts version. Linux do these installation himself.

linux mint doesnt do and need to install. have a read.

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Whatever distribution is “better to use”, is totally subjective. For me, Ubuntu was a great fit, so I use Ubuntu. However, if any other distribution works better for you, then use that! You could try them out for some time, for example in a VM or a live environment.

@andreas i really like this reply. This is what i also say that use whatever you like. You dont born with a tag that you are bound to use this flavour of linux and that is why there are so many versions of linux. If people have been bound then there would have not been any new versions and simply a single one. I have used and still use ubuntu, linux mint and dont have time to try other version but glad to be listening what others say. I learned about PopOS! @hydn mentioned and it is a really great distribution.

thank you for this information,

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@andreas thank you and this is true and i have seen people taking burden on their head that look using this operating system, look using this code editor and then getting tensed and thinking about it. Ask them who asked you to do so. what is worth of something?. if you will do so and get tensed then you should blame yourself and not others as you took into account what others are doing and nothing to do with others. a kind of mental freaks.

thank you for this discussion,

Absolutely agreed! Using whatever fits you is applicable to all areas — thinking of the code editor wars :slight_smile:

thank you and i am not a fan of customization all day or week or something. I focus more on what is needed. My selection choices are given here which i keep them ready for writing the code.

You can also follow, a minimal and more focused setup, which has everything. I don’t like changing themes daily, changing font sizes or having glossy themes or whatever. I like a clean way of working. Yes because of writing code most of the time, i prefer a bigger monitor for the visualization.

thank you for agreeing,


IMO there’s one that’s pretty fast and very well to use: pop!-os. I would love to have this on my aarch64 laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X13s) too, but I’m not proficient enough to build an install image for aarch64. I use it on a 2009 Lenovo T500, though, and on a small beast of a desktop machine with two displays, and it is awesome. Everything works and is fast. I use Ubuntu on my aarch64 boxes, still. You can live with it, it’s also pretty good. For the work I do there it appears to be a good platform, not many issues with the distro itself.

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@Jens_Glathe to build the pop!-os you can download and install usb formatter and it is both a command line and a graphical utility to help you build the bootable drive. I am also in the process of installing my new system but it takes a lot of work :expressionless: and i think daily but then it passes by. You can download the image, install the usb formatter, give your drive image and the usb image and then it will create the bootable partition. let me know if that doesnt work.

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Bootable drives are made with the help of rufus. Half of people lead this work to another person and pay him to flash your computer with a new system exploitation system because it takes a lot of time and it is stressful work. It is work for many persons to do this process for people.