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I am a software developer. Like web, go, c, js.

I like to learn new things. I like socializing.

I want to find an inspiring idea for a startup.

My life was divided into “before” and “after” the war. I hope for the best.


Hi All,
I’m just introducing myself, I’ve been in IT since 2003 doing mostly tech support. I run Debian Bookworm as a desktop.


Hi all. I’m Santi, proud to participate on this opensource community
Technician, programmer, loves nature, astronomy & music
Regards from Tarragona, Catalonia(ES), Europe

Santiago Frias
Tech Developer.


Greetings from Poland to all members :wave:


A big hello from the Nordic country here!:slight_smile:
My name is Kenneth and i’m currently living in Sweden.

I’m into cybersecurity,linux,building and fixing computers,servers and tech in general. In short words: To much to learn and do,too little time…:smiley:

By no means a pro,but always trying to learn new stuff and evolve(both skillwise and as a human)

Hope to get to know you all better!:slight_smile:

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Hello, this is Jon from Catalonia and I hope to share and learn a lot in this forums!


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Hey members. I am new here. Found the place doing some searching around. I am new to Linux so I am hoping to get a few of my questions answered and stick around to learn more about the operating system in general. I hope everyone is doing well!

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Hope you are all well!

I’m Ross from Brazil. I’m glad to be here and start to share and chat with you!

I will start to read the threads and join the community. Thank you all for create this group and I hope I can learn something about you and you work.

Hi, I’m a student looking to switch from Windows to Linux on a laptop that I won’t replace any time soon!

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I’m not exactly new here. But I didn’t post an intro. :slight_smile: I am a retired trucker and an avid tech-geek. I’ve been visiting since 2016…


Similar, Not new here, but I’m a Systems analyst at a large fortune 500.
Love homelab-ing / selfhosting stuff and gathering metrics I will probably never look at :sweat_smile:, also love networking.


I’ve been looking at Hayden’s blog for a while, but I’m pretty new to the forum. As mentioned elsewhere, I found his site when searching for home lab ideas. My interests in computing focus on networking and operating systems, so virtualization and emulation are primary hobbies/interests of mine. I run a website at unixdude.net, and I was introduced to Unix in August of 1989 (first week at uni) – a dormmate was connected to one of the campus Unix servers (SunOS 4, I believe), and I knew it wasn’t a DOS prompt, so I chatted him up to learn about what he was doing. I was already a declared Computer Science major, but right then I knew where my career would go. I started using Linux in 1993, with Slackware and kernel 0.99 (not sure if it was .11 alpha or .13, probably .13), and today I am primarily a FreeBSD and Ubuntu user. I am a NeXT fan (I own 3 NeXT systems), and by extension a macOS fan.

Like Ben, I get to use my skills at a Fortune 500 company; I am a system administrator running a 650-large cluster of Linux systems.

Other hobbies and interests include reading, guns, watches, 4x4 trucks, travel (especially internationally and especially to Germany/Austria/Switzerland), watching movies with my wife, camping with my wife and kids, collecting antique Bell phones, and repairing old Atari game systems.

Thanks for the invite, Hayden.


I wound up here after seeing a post on Haker Net. I am an optical scientist, and I’ve been fascinated by computers since I was a kid playing with a teletype machine and its paper tape memory. Linux is a favorite of mine, but I’ve spent most of my time on Windows because that’s the system the applications I need run on. Along the way I’ve built databases, data acquisition systems, wrote scientific software, and administered Linux systems. I have little formal training, and I’ve learned mostly by reading, listening to mentors, and lots of experimentation. I’ve learned things after my short time at this site, and I’m looking forward to learning more.


Hey, Morgan here - I’m in South Africa.

Python developer turned jack of all trades, hosting open source things for customers, and helping people build software better. Has not compiled a kernel since warty.


Greetings from Australia! I work for a software company, as a Sales Engineer, and build a lot of demowear. Part of my job is to understand deployment options and infrastructure basics. I also run a home server, mostly as a pi.hole and container station, and this forum had been incredibly helpful for administration.


Welcome to the community a pleasure! It’s on my bucket list to someday attend the opening F1 race in Albert Park

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Just a quick check in from Manchester in the UK. I am a tech leader for an FMCG company and have been doing IT since I unboxed the first school computer, a Tandy TRS 80. Having had a headmaster who told me I should spend less time playing with computers and more time on my study, as I would never make a living out of it, I have spent 30 years proving him wrong. Not much in the IT space I have not done and I love fixing the thjings that people say are impossible.
Here on the endless journey of learning and to see if anything I have learned over they years is at all useful …


Welcome! It’s great to have you here. Looking forward to learning and sharing also.

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Feel free to edit our wiki-post with any tools you recommend.

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