Share your OS, Distro, Desktop setup - (screenshots, photos)

my arch
hello from Ukraine! :wink:

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Hey Funtik, welcome to our community. I really hope that things go back to normal for you guys soon. We’d love to hear a bit more about you. If you have the time or desire to, you can tell us a bit more about you here.

Very clean desktop setup! Gnome has really been so smooth with workflows and customization. Arch, goes without words. Can only imagine how your system flies! :bullettrain_side:

That’s a cool Background For Windows, are you on 11 or 10 and did you make that? as far as love for Windows… well take a peek at my desktop above :wink:


Windows 10. I feel the :fire: LOL

Obviously I’m a NASA fan too – forgot to put that in my intro post.

Here we see two of my Synology units – DS1618+ on top (backup unit), and DS1821+ (primary unit). Just this week I upgraded from the 1618 (was primary, now backup) to the 1821 (new primary) because my DS415+ (old backup) died last week.

We also see my 2019 iMac, and to the left of that is a 27" display connected to my 2018 MacBook Pro (work unit). I run Barrier (replaced Synergy) so that I can use my iMac’s keyboard & mouse on the work laptop, treating the two systems as one. I tried using Duet but it didn’t work for me.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Also, your introduction post really gave a nice picture of some of your experiences and interest. Your wall and desktop backgrounds made me head over to NASA’s launch schedule page.

I don’t want to go off-topic for too long, but I thought I’d mention that I’m such a NASA fan because I grew up in the Cape Canaveral area, and it just stuck with me. My father and both of my paternal grandparents worked for IBM’s Federal Systems Division as contractors for NASA, so I cannot even begin to count the number of Shuttle launches I saw in person or the number of times I was onsite. I was onsite for STS-1, and I really hate that I didn’t drive down for the final launch a few years back. Apollo was still going after I was born, but we moved to Florida in 1976 so I only saw those launches on TV.

The mission patches you see in that pic were given by IBM to my grandfather for his participation in the Apollo and Shuttle projects. As a family we have 2 such complete sets, and my sister has the other one.


I love this background…where did you find it? I have one I use too.

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I use to find most wallpapers. is good too :heart_eyes:

I actually look around. Like using some pictures, and some of the “anti-windows” wallpapers that I have seen.

Is my personal favorite :grin:

I like it…gonna steal it too…

Here’s my desktop. It’s completely empty. So here’s the wallpaper. Its perfect in the day and night time on the eyes. It’s the light from a full moon. Not my wallpaper found it online years ago.

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I recently switched to Windows 10 to try out the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Not only are you able to use terminal, but you can open Wayland and x11 apps natively in Windows. For example, I use the Remmina app within windows.

Also, see: Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation | Microsoft Learn


Sounds like you’re upbeat about the system. Good news. I’m using windows 10 and often hating it. Like hours spent today with Registry Editor. Microsoft disappoints in so many ways. I so badly wanted diff and grep [1]. Your posting this is tempting me to look into it. Before I burn time on it, I’m curious to know if I can do a core Debian install? Also, since WSL is MSFT, I assume it uninstalls well. Can you confirm by any chance (yeah, I know you’re using it. :slight_smile: )? Oh, almost forgot, have you accessed the windows file system?

  1. Yeah, there’s MSYS and similar, but I prefer the isolation in WSL.

I didn’t know this was possible. Going to have to give this a try. All the programs/apps run smooth on it as well? I will have to boot up my old PC to do this since I wiped Windows off my main PC.

@ Matt: You asked “I’m curious to know if I can do a core Debian install?”
Assuming WSL has a Virtual Machine to it then yes. WSL is supposed (<-note that word) to be it’s own DE. So you can run Linux Programs on Winblows.
Myself I did a Net Install of Debian Testing and it works beautifully. I kept Win 10 for the Wife and in case I need it for remote work.

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Thanks @tmick. Appreciated. After my earlier post, I was thinking VMWARE or VirtualBox, but Registry/other-issues made them unattractive. I’d written off WSL a few years back, but seeing Hayden’s post, and yours, gives me reason to look into it again. I’m thinking since it’s an MSFT product, its supposed (<-note that word :slight_smile: ) install/uninstall cleanly. I’m getting real annoyed with MSFT apps at the moment, and getting Linux in a VM is rising in priority.

I first started using Linux in the late 90s, mainly Mandrake etc. T then drifted to Windows until about 2010 when I finally cracked and returned to Linux. 13 yrs later, I’m now using Archcraft, particularly Bspwm and i3. Although I do have a soft spot for Berry. I have 2 laptops, so concentrate on each WM on a different laptop. Today I’m using i3, so I’ll

include some screen shots.