Dock for Wayland?

I’ve recently moved from X to Wayland, pretty smooth transition but there’s just one missing piece. I can’t find a good dock.

My desktop is KDE so Latte Dock is what I’m used to, but it seems it is completely incompatible with Wayland. Is there another option? Ideally something that looks modern!

Cairo dock has implemented Wayland compatibility a while ago, not sure if it matured but it was very basic.

LavaLauncher seems to be the best choice, although it looks like development has slowed down. Don’t get too comfortable with it.

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Yeah LavaLauncher was abandoned almost a year ago. As far as I know, no one is maintaining it or working on it. You can see for yourself here:<CIPW63LE88JJ.2LYO5E6UAFLPB%40m5>

There seems to be no current project for Wayland in terms of docks.

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That is unfortunate. I guess there is not enough demand for it? I seem to see plenty of people wanting options but as of now, there are none. What a shame.

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