XFCE Desktop Modernized?

XFCE is a great desktop. Simple and to the point but there’s just one problem. It doesn’t look very nice!
Are there any distros featuring a customized XFCE made to look modern? Or perhaps a guide I can follow to pretty it up? I’d love to give either option a go.

Try Manjaro, Mint, Zorin (Lite or Core only) or MX Linux.

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Garuda is a nicer-looking implementation of XFCE.

My favorite though is Zorin OS Lite. It looks just like Gnome with a bottom panel. They did a great job with the overall design of it.

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This to me is the best option overall and I would consider this heavily over the other ones just because it takes everything XFCE did (in a sense) and modernized it which is what you are after.