Which browser is best on Linux?

Curious what everyone thinks here. I noticed some browsers have issues when using VPNs for example while on a Linux PC. I have been using Brave for a while and seldom have issues with it so it has become my go-to browser. Which do you think is best? Which do you use?

I guess this depends on what distro you are using. Sometimes it makes a difference. Which are you on?

I would say Brave and Vivaldi are the two best in most circumstances. Midori is another option.

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I have used Vivaldi and enjoyed it but I have found it easier to incorporate things on Brave which is why I switched to it. Firefox is another great option but I think people moved away from them for privacy reasons.

I’d say Firefox would be my recommendation for decent privacy. But I can’t lie, I use chrome on my personal PC. :smile::smile:

I like to use opera and epiphany but that’s just a personal reference, best is to try it and see if you like it as well.

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I’m tied to Chrome. I have thousands of saved passwords, and I cannot get them exported and then imported to any alternative browser. If I could choose/leave, I would use Vivaldi web browser on Linux:

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I think you’re correct. That’s the hardest part for me too. I have all my passwords saved in Chrome. I’ve tried exporting to BitWarden but I never caught on or liked it. It’s nice having passwords in my Google account. :smirk:

I used Firefox for a long time but switched to Brave last year on Windows. Since moving to Linux, I just stuck with it because I was used to it and I have not had any issues.

I used Firefox for a while then switched to Chrome, then to Brave and have been with Brave since. I haven’t tried Firefox on Linux. Might see how that works out. Can use it as a secondary browser.

I read that Brave and Firefox are best which is good news for me as I use both in Windows already. I moved away from Chrome and Chromium a few years ago. Brave is my main and Firefox is my secondary. Knowing they both do well on Linux is a huge plus!


It was Chromium until Google removed Google sync from Chromium.

I might seem traditional but Opera browser is the perfect choice for me. It has a built in VPN which completely eliminates the need to get a VPN software for surfing the net. It has premium privacy features like protection against tracking and it is fast. It is my favourite browser still.

I’ve switched from Chrome to Brave. Since Brave is also Chromium-based, it was easy to transfer my extensions over. I also considered using Chromium, but syncing was a bit of an issue for me.

Yes, I was using Chromium before. But then they discontinued sync with Google account (passwords, etc) so I moved to Chrome. I’m pretty satisfied with Chrome though. Even Microsoft Edge/browser is now chrome based I believe.

I think that Vivaldi cuts it more perfectly for me than any other browser. The customization potential of Vivaldi is out of the box. I don’t think there is any aspect of that browser that can’t be customized. It also knows how to manage the resources of the computer with very minimal RAM and processor usage.

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I have used vivaldi and brave both on linux and to me both of them are great. The features in vivaldi are more than great such as tags filtering and others. there are no such features in brave. I used firefox also but it takes a lot of space and memory and i had this problem on the mac also so i keep on switching from the firefox to brave to vivaldi depending on the needs of the analysis and to make space. had a old mac with 128GB iof space and most of that occupied with the configurations and the code write. so in all, i recommend all of these browsers. I have not used google chrome much so cant say about it.

alles gut,

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I’ve been using Firefox for a long time now and I’m very happy with it. Never experienced any problem.

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