Is NixOS and it's immutability a boost to Linux performance and security?

I know that for most core Linux users, the mention of NixOS and it’s immutability is like a one way ticket to stagnation. Hold up. NixOS might just be boosting performance with its frozen filesystems and delivering a security stronghold.

When one considers that NixOs offers Atomic upgrades, while storing identical configurations once only. Can one rightly say it can be a reliable security outlet and a performance booster?
Do you think NixOS ditching the logic of managing mutable files and the fact that every update is built from scratch guarantee security and performance?

Do you think the NixOS’ immutability would boost the security and performance of Linux in future?

yeah, NixOS’s whole immutable setup could really make things more secure and faster. It’s like having a solid plan where every piece fits perfectly, so less mess and smoother running. It’s a fresh take in the Linux world, and it could definitely set a trend for others to follow for better security and zip!