Nitrux seems lacking

Last I checked, Nitrux only ran on 64-bit computers which is unfortunate. I am not sure if this was updated or changed in the last year or so since I looked into it.

Also, there is no dedicated documentation section which to me, seems like a major setback from an otherwise steller distro.

Does anyone use it here? If so - do you find it lacking?

I haven’t used the distro but it runs Debian base, so that’s nice. I’m surprised they don’t have a 32-bit version tho. The UI looks very beautiful, but I use Linux headless so that won’t really benefit me.
Were you looking for standard documentation? Or did you have an issue?

This is my first time hearing about Nitrux distro. I generally stick with the mainstream distros. That said, i have used ElementaryOS, Manjaro, Kubuntu, etc haha. But seem to always end back up on Ubuntu, Debian or probably soon Arch.

This is one that I only have passing knowledge with. This is not to say it is bad but it is not considered one of the main contenders with heavy use from the community. I did a quick skim of it and it seems like it is a bit dated in comparison to what else can be used.

The reason I don’t use it is that, as you said, it is lacking.

It is like comparing Windows 7 to Windows 10. While it is not that far behind, the jump is VERY noticeable when you compare it to other distros. It is fine if you can make use of it but I like more options.