Does anyone have any postgresql optimisation tips?

I am currently running a linux server on my Pi 4 (8GB RAM) which is running postgresql for a server that requires it. However, it seems it is occasionally running a little bit slow. Are there any tips to help speed up the database without crashing my Pi 4?

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I’m going to be following this thread as well.

With MySQL there’s actionable performance tips that are so easy to find online and in official documentation.

I don’t have that much experience with postgresql, albeit considered the better DB solution of the 2.

So it would be nice if we end up here with a nice actionable list of do’s and don’s. :coffee:

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Perhaps you could make a blog post out of this :wink:

Can certainly link to it. Guest posts are also always welcome.

But I don’t have enough experience or working knowledge of postgresql to make a post about it or to guide anyone.

This is why the forums are cool because I’m learning and filling gaps, and also we all get to interact and expand beyond my very static articles.

Edit: Curiously I searched the forum for PostgreSQL and only found this :disappointed: : Options for Postgresql monitoring + trend graphs

It could be that the Pi could be having challenges with disk access. It is possible to turn it’s ample RAM to set up a RAM disk for temporary files used by Postgres. This would mean the SD card which caused the slowness would be bypassed.

Looks like there is an official performance tips documentation about it. Maybe it’ll help you.

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