Options for Postgresql monitoring + trend graphs

I’m fairly noob to Postgres. More experienced with MySQL. Any advice you guys have for monitoring Postgres? Mainly would like to see the memory usage of db_shared_buffers. I guess also CPU and also graphed so that I can keep an eye for trends.

Looking for self-hosted solutions. I have Zabbix so will be trying that first.

Also trying to use this for one-off runtime info, but not able to connect yet:

Not too familiar postgresql but I really like grafana for monitoring, so I found this on the Google’s. Check out the project on git

Here is their demo site::


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Its also running inside a Docker container. Will update this thread once I have monitoring in place.

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Yes. I truly only use docker for things. I got tired of dirtying my OS. I think years of using Windows has killed baremetal installs for me.

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