Creating Network lab

Hi All,
I have a server. I want to set up a virtual network lab that can be accessed from anywhere. Kindly suggest


Hi @Vaibhav_Kumar Welcome to the forums.

Tell us a bit more about your server: specs, OS and what you have running on it, if applicable.

Have you considered or

Another option is using Wireguard.

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Welcome, @Vaibhav_Kumar . Great group here.

It depends on what you want to do with your lab. As a systems engineer, I personally need x64 VMs, so I run VMware ESXi on a Lenovo M900 Mini (got the M900 idea from @hydn; I was already running ESXi for my lab, but on a Dell R610). I have a Cisco lab as well, but I use real hardware for that. I run VMs at DigitalOcean, and my various sites/locations are connected with WireGuard. I can route from anywhere to anywhere in my network, because I run OSPF on FRR, on everything. @hydn mentioned tailscale, and I have heard good things about that but have never personally used it. If you want to learn more about my setup, check out my website at, and/or ask here.

What are you trying to accomplish with your lab?

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I would agree. I have a VPS running Traefik proxy with wireguard. I can tie all my services into Traefik and it works great!