What's everyone working on?, June 2024 edition

Hey - what Linux-related things are you working on this month?

For myself, I am pretty well maxed out at work and family life right now – so much going on. Trying to wrap up some things so I can get back to my hobbies – ham radio, Unix, and other related things.

As for what we have going on, it’s a little crazy. I recently replaced my Ubiquiti USG with a UDM-SE, and I have 3x G5 Bullet cameras to install yet. We are replacing our house’s 35-year-old deck, and our contractor died last week, so we are trying to find a new contractor to take over the project mid-project. We have other house projects, multiple family weddings, we have had multiple family funerals to attend, funerals of other friends. TBH I have lost track of everything that is going on. And, in our family of 5, all 5 of us have been sick on and off for the last couple weeks.


Hi @unixdude

Sounds like you have your hands full this month! Life can definitely get hectic sometimes. Hope things settle down for you soon, and you can get back to ham radio and Unix tinkering.

On the Linux front, I’m neck-deep in migrating CentOS 7 servers. Aiming to transition most to AlmaLinux 8, with a few going to Rocky Linux. It’s been a bit of a slow process, even though we’re using the Alma Linux elevate scripts.

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About a month ago, I made the final switch from Windows to Linux full time. POP!OS on my main desktop, Linux Mint on my laptop. Currently trying to install Fedora 40 onto my other PC with encryption, LUKS and rollback. It’s a lot to take in for me, but I wanna go big AND go home. I’m both nervous and excited to do this. Honestly, not all that bad a shift. I just need to get more used to using the command line. The thing I miss most about Windows is all my games, I accidentally erased my entire D: drive when I installed POP. If anybody has any advice on if/how i can recover those games, that’d be great.


Hey @Metabot . Sorry, I don’t know about data recover on Windows.

Anyway, @hydn 's comment reminds me… I need to upgrade my web server VM at DigitalOcean. It is still running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS! I need to upgrade to 24.04 LTS.

My mail server is still running FreeBSD 12 – I need to upgrade that too.


Hi there!
I’m working on a Zabbix server for my client. Few days ago they had air conditioner stopped and temperature in server room rised as hell. Backup server was automatically turned off due high temperature. I want to setup notification if temp rises again to prevent slowdown or disconnection of services.


Hi @Crazy80 Welcome to the forums. Are you considering specific sensors? Like rack unit for monitoring temps/humidity or maybe Raspberry Pi with room temp sensor?

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I will start with taking temps from integrated features like iLO, Intel RMM. But I plan to use temp sensor with Raspberry/Orange Pi.

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But you’ve learned lesson: backup all the stuff before doing any jobs with storage. I recommend to build a NAS and setup backups of all of your critical data from your devices.

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Cool, I use Uptime Kuma for basic monitoring. Not as complete as a tool like Zabbix, but super easy to set up.