Best Linux distro and Desktop Environment Combinations

Originally published at: Best Linux distro and Desktop Environment Combinations

Are you searching for the best Linux distro (distribution) and DE (Desktop Environment) combination? What better way to increase your familiarity with Linux servers than running Linux on your laptop or workstation? As mentioned previously, there’s the best Linux Distro for me and the best Linux Distro for you. What you choose today will often change…

Cinnamon is a good one. I have used that. I am currently using MATE because it looks and feels similar to the old GNOME 2. I also use it on an older laptop because it’s very easy on resources. Might switch back for my desktop to Cinnamon though since I do prefer it.

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Here’s another vote for Ubuntu/MATE. It’s got just the right amount of eye candy while still retaining the look/feel I’m used to.


KDE is my main right now but I am always switching. I tend to come back to it though as it is the one I feel meets my needs the most. I keep my door open though to other options. Things are always changing in the wonderful world of Linux!

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KDE tends to be a bit buggy. At least for me. I mean I had issues with it crashing at least a few times a week. Not sure why either. I tried to source the issue but it seems it is just something that happens on there.

I have seen this online several times from different people but there are also people who have no issues with it at all. I feel like this comes down to your actual computer/build. I am not sure why that is. I never got it to run without bugs but a friend of mine has no issues at all.

DE’s only, hmmm… Gnome > XFCE > KDE

Overall, Cinnamon. This seems to be a very popular one and there is a good reason behind it. Second to that, I would say Mint. Both I have used time and time again and always go back to.

Preferred lightweight desk: minimal IceWM, IceWm for operations hosts/laptops, on blender/office stations running with xfce.

I run Gnome flashback, but I’m considering switching to Mate. Gnome shell has a couple of bugs that are killing my performance (CPU is stuck at 100% until I reboot) and I liked Gnome 2 better than Gnome 3 (it’s just horrid and I like the top bar). I tried KDE Plasma and I wasn’t impressed. XFCE looks to much like Windows (maybe it’s just me) for my liking.