Best Linux Compatible Laptops

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For enthusiasts, developers, and professionals who prefer the Linux operating system, choosing a Linux compatible laptop is a pivotal decision. Here are five Linux-compatible laptops that I evaluated in my recent quest for a new Linux laptop. Each evaluated across five key areas: Linux compatible, Performance, Battery Life, Build Quality and Design, and Price and…

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Would anybody here consider Novacustom?

Welcome to the community. Are you from Novacustom?

Personally, for me, I no longer consider displays without tall aspect ratios. So 16:10, 4:3, 3:2. The 16:9 is just too wide for me. 95% of the times more lines of config, code, terminal output etc. is more valuable to me than the video and media friendly 16:9 screens.

I have been using a ThinkPad for a long time now, with multiple Linux distros installed, and I can confidently say that it is my favorite laptop. I have found that ThinkPad has better Linux support compared to other models, especially when it comes to drivers. As for a laptop, the most important feature for me is the battery life, and ThinkPad does not disappoint in this regard as it has two separate batteries that provide excellent battery time.

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I would pick the System 76 Lemur Pro if I want to run a Linux OS. Packed with AMD Ryzen Processors, supported with NVIDIA Getforce RTX Graphics Card. The hardware is seriously optimized to run a Linux OS. Would go for this for a Linux based PC over and over again.

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This looks great and you can find all the certified linux computing hardware accelerations here: for which the corresponding drivers are present and can be configured easily. There are multiples of them available.

Alles Gut,

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I have three laptops. I am using Lenovo Dell with Ubuntu LTS 20.4 version system. I have another laptop acer with almalinux 9. I use Windows with Toshhiba but it is not our subject. It is true that it is not a performant PC as mentionned systems above but it could fit my daily needs. Everything on Windows, you could find similar version to Ubuntu except few softwares.

@hydn i have used Dell recently with Ubuntu and i am hoping to have a Dell XPS13 Developer Edition, actually i thought of that as that is very sleek and also a better high display screen but i have latitude now. That bright screen and the lightness boosts your developer ability. In my case definitely it does as i like visually appeals.

alles gute,

While Dell PCs can certainly work well with Windows as well, their commitment to Linux compatibility and the availability of pre-installed Ubuntu options have made them a popular choice among Linux users. It’s worth noting that other computer manufacturers also offer Linux compatibility, and the suitability of a system for Ubuntu ultimately depends on factors such as hardware support, driver availability, and the user’s specific requirements.