After 10 Yrs of Linux, I Switched to Windows. What next?

WSL Kali? It was a one-click install from the App Store:

As far as the PC build, the SSD has not been delivered yet so have not done anything new with the PC since writing article.

Probably in a week or two as time allows.

Update: I was able to install Kali + Gnome with all of i3WM shortcuts.

For example:
super + 1 - (up to 9) takes me instantly to the selected workspace
super + tab - toggles between the most 2 recent workspaces
super + t launches terminal app workspace #3
super + f - launches file manager (nautilus) in workspace #5
super - shows the overview screen, and then I can use the mouse wheel or left or right arrow keys to move between workspaces visually.
double-tapping the super key - opens the applications list where I can use the keyboard (super and arrow keys) or the mouse to launch apps.
– AND a load of others I used with i3wm that I will continue to use with whatever WM or in this case DE that will support these time-saving shortcuts.

I tried first with Xfce4 + i3 first but with the PC specs, it was really a waste, with Gnome everything is still insanely fast, I’ve turned everything I can think of on, including a loaded-up blur my shell.

I will be using this for a month or 2 and then update the article.

Pending issues:

  • No printing or scanning yet.
  • Audio only works via HDMI for now.
  • Bluetooth didn’t work until manually solved.

Some screenshots:

I like the current setup because it does not take a ton of time to custom configure. Also, really prefer being on a rolling release, the latest Gnome 44 is a major improvment over the previous which I’ve also been happy with on my laptop.

I havn’t loaded it up with many of my apps yet. I usually wait to do that until certain I won’t wipe and fresh install, which would be #5. Kinda OCD i know.

For those who prefer dark wallpapers:

It’s ironic that now both Windows and Kali Linux are being used with i3wm keyboard shortcuts heavily integrated. i3 (and similar workflow-centric WMs) is the real winner so far.

“What is the desktop environment or theme being used in this?”

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Hi @Nasredine welcome.

You mean the theme for the text editor? This was the default setup for Kali + Gnome 44. I didn’t change the text editor theme and still using the default gnome text editor package.

I’ll edit this comment and add a screenshot of the settings page later today. Gnome 44 + Kali, has such a lovely default overall. They extensions installed and configured by default are really great choices.

Will update.

Thank for answering @hydn.
I am referring to the top bar, and I would like to know how did you make it transparent while still displaying (apps) text, without any icons

You should try compiling the cosmic shell extension, it pretty nice :slight_smile:

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@Nasredine I used blur-my-shell: Extension that adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview. There’s more screenshots of it in this article.

Here are my panel settings:


Thanks for sharing this!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and recommendations. I understand that you have some concerns and suggestions regarding operating systems, specifically Windows and Linux distributions like Debian. Each operating system has its own strengths and considerations, and it ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences when choosing an operating system for specific use cases. Users should consider factors such as stability, compatibility, software availability, hardware requirements, and personal preferences when making their decision.


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Are you still running Windows? How are you finding it?


HI @andreas

Right this minute, I’m on Windows 10 + GlazeWM: A tiling window manager for Windows inspired by i3 and Polybar.

However, I do have dual boot now with Kali Linux as well. Enjoying both. Keyboard shortcuts are all the same, so it does not matter if I log in to Windows or Kali Linux.

Very nice! Do you noticeably spend more time in one OS or the other?

Not really. I would say a little more windows the last week. But I’m gonna reboot and switch because when I came to my office this morning the PC was not in sleep mode, so all the fans were on the entire night.

This problem happens on and off with my Windows install. Of course, did all the power manage settings and tons of other settings changes, even reinstalled Windows. Then had Windows IT guru who has worked with Microsoft before, work on it remotely, he’s at a loss also why its random. I’m suspecting that it’s to do with the AMD drivers or software. Who knows.

But that is usually the difference for me between Windows vs Linux. I have been able to fix 99% of Linux issues no matter the severity, and for that 1% I always know exactly what’s wrong and maybe have to wait for a patch or feature. Able to follow or report a bug.

Anyway, no more rant lol.


That’s quite recognisable for me. I may have slightly more problems with Linux, but at least usually they can be solved or a patch is underway. With Windows, it seems slightly random sometimes why things do or do not work.


I’m still mostly on Window’s 10. With Kali Linux dual boot. No crashes or issues with Windows, thus not tempted for the free Win 11 upgrade. :grin:

My Windows 10 VM (which I rarely use) auto-updated to Windows 11. I don’t know if I care, but I also didn’t know how to prevent it. :man_shrugging:

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I performed the usual Windows update and rebooted over the weekend. On the next boot, I was greeted by a full-screen Windows 11 upgrade prompt. It took me a second to find the “decline” button; I had to select no twice!

I don’t particularly appreciate being forced. This reminds me of “old Microsoft” again. I don’t plan un upgrading to Windows 11 until October 14, 2025. lol

IMO, at least five years after the initial release date, stability is acceptable for Windows 7, 10, and 11.


Update: For the most part, I have stuck with the dual boot Windows 10 tiling and Kali + Gnome 3 Pop Shell tiling WM with i3wm shortcuts. See above for screenshots.

However, last month I finally replaced my 11-year-old laptop with a Thinkpad T14s. I tried Windows 10 and 11 on it for about 2 weeks combined.

On laptop, the decision is a lot easier for me. I cannot use Windows on my laptop for some pretty OCD reasons, such as the fans on the CPU comes on more, I’m unable to setup smart charging on Windows 10 without heavy software like Lenovo Vantage, the RAM usage it too high, laptop gets warmer in my lap, and overall fine tuning is just more of a pain with registry edits and 3rd party .exe and .msi apps (not wise).

So, in the end, I ended up installing Kali-i3 on my Thinkpad, and boy do AMD Thinkpads run smoothly on Linux! I’m now able to not only enable smart charging with TLP but also customize it so that the laptop only starts charging when it goes below 50% and stops at 80%. This is because the vast majority of time I will be plugged in, and also, due to tweaks made, I’m getting well over 1 hour with every 10% of battery life. My unplugged sessions are usually 1 to 2 hours max. So even at 50% I have at least 3 hours before it hits 20%.

For example, it was charged about 4 days ago and used lightly plugged and unplugged almost every day, and I still have 70% of the battery left! It will be at least another few days to a week before it falls below the 50% charging point. This one change means my battery won’t constantly be charging and discharging.

I have CPU turbo boost disabled when on battery and the governer set to conservative as well as GPU set to low power because the laptop is for work only. With these setting the fan almost NEVER comes on, the laptop is always cool on the bottom, and I’ve noticed very little performance loss for my use case of Chrome tabs, Termius, Tilix, gimp, FileZilla, Thunar, etc. Light apps.

I will post a full review, including details on the tweaks and dot files in the future. In the meantime, here are some screenshots of my Kali-i3 setup (outside temp is 86F, and AC if OFF, just have open windows and doors) with blue wallpaper vs black:


I just did something similar. I didn’t switch to Windows (never will), but I did buy a Windows laptop – an “Amazon Renewed” Lenovo L470 for $170. It’s fine for what it is, but it’s nowhere near as good as my M1 MacBook Air. I bought it because many ham radio-related programs are Windows only.


Pop!_OS was working on their own desktop. Have you heard about it or tried it yet, it’s a full desktop environment mush like Gnome but with window tiling: A COSMIC Thanksgiving - System76 Blog

I’m planing to make the switch to it/give it a try.