Your first experience with Linux

Hey guys. New to the place.

Thought I would start out with something to get to know everyone a bit better.

When did you first take the plunge and did you stick to it? I first started in 2007 with Linux Mint Fluxbox. I was super into lightweight window managers at the time. I went back to Windows for a couple of years but have now been using Linux at home since 2011. Never planning to go back.

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Around 2008, Ubuntu started with those fancy desktop animations, that got me hook. My laptop back then had driver issues so I went back to windows, but it was the raspberry pi that brought me back to Linux. I now use Ubuntu as a server on a regular basis via terminal.

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Good question. My first experience with Linux was with Linux servers. In the late 1990’s I ran a community website on Windows NT 4 I believe it was with IIS 4. I also used both at my full time job.

However, by around the early 2000’s i was becoming more and more aware that Microsoft and IIS was at a severe disadvantage performance wise.

Especially once PHP and MySQL became part of my daily work and play routine.

At first I was very hesitant about switching, I really enjoyed the cool factor (back then) and ease of Windows (GUI). So stuck to Windows Server right up to 2003 but was dabbling with linux sever distros using LAMP.

I finally made the switch around 2004 when traffic requirements of some projects were just out of the league of what IIS 6 could handle at the time.

So over time moved everything over to Linux with Apache, then eventually Lighttpd, Nginx, Squid, Varnish, Litespeed, and others but exclusively Linux.

I used Linux on servers but not desktop, for years, probably didn’t try Linux on desktop until 2012. But used RedHat, SUSE, CentOS on servers with DEs at work in our NOC. (Cable and Wireless)

That’s pretty much in a nutshell. Oh! I would say back then getting my CCNA and CCNP certifications really opened my mind more to the command line, and efficiency on lower-spec hardware and helped me move me away from the heavier windows graphical approach. Much credit then to Cisco Systems lol.

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I don’t have Linux yet. I am looking to switch to it. I joined hoping I can get a few answers to some questions. I asked on Reddit but I don’t have enough karma or whatever so they got deleted. Sorry to be a bit spammy. :tired_face:

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I heard of people using Linux for servers and having way more success on many different levels. I actually have a friend who has never used it as an OS but swears by it for managing servers.

Count me in. I truthfully only use Linux for server usage.

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Linux Mint, still on Mint to this day. Always return to it lol