You can now reply to forum topics and messages via email

As this community is geared toward IT and Tech professionals, I want the forums to be as helpful and time-saving (or rather less time-consuming) as possible for members.

As such, I’ve enabled the reply by email feature. This means when you receive an email notification for a new reply to your topic/message, you will no longer be required to log in or visit the forums to respond.

At the end of topic/message notification emails, you will now see the following:

Simply reply as you would to a regular email and your reply will be posted to the forums.


  • email signatures are also imported when you reply, so be sure to remove those if you prefer not to share your sig publicly.

  • For email notifications, the reply-to address will be [email protected]. is the web host for this website and the address is only a forwarding address.

  • All emails are deleted immediately after processing. To delete or edit a post you will need to login. So be sure to proofread your reply fully before hitting send on the email.

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