Would Elementary OS and Steam Deck stimulate mainstream Linux adoption or they are just Niche Diversions?

User friendly distros like elementary OS and the Steam Deck’s custom Arch-based system are getting more popular by the day. This has got some Linux enthusiasts thinking of they are true breakthroughs that has the capacity to attract new users to Linux or they are just an attractive innovation within the larger ecosystem?

Their core has always been on creating specific use cases which promises and easy path to see and approach Linux. But it seemingly is diluting the core philosophy of Linux which has always been an Open Source philosophy that expands creativity and the ability to tweak.

What do you think? Would elementary OS and Steam Deck help the Linux course by stimulating more adoption or are they just fragmenting the core culture of the Linux community and project?

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Elementary OS and Steam Deck indeed bring fresh eyes to Linux, making it more accessible.

They might seem niche but serve as gateways for newcomers, showcasing Linux’s versatility. While they streamline the experience, potentially diluting the traditional tweak-heavy Linux philosophy, they also broaden the user base.

This could strengthen the community by diversifying it, even if it shifts the culture slightly. It’s more about expanding reach. Both are steps towards mainstream adoption.

Have you realized that the potential fragmentation has the potential of eroding the innovative and collaborative culture of the larger Linux community. I think we should find another strategy to push mainstream adoption of Linux than this approach to deconstruct the collective spirit that defines Linux.