Wine 8.0 Release

It was released a few days ago I believe. I only just found out today. Thought I would post it here since no one else has. Wine has come a long way and I can’t wait to see how it grows in the years to come.

Version 8.0 highlights:

  • New light theme
  • All modules canbe built in PE format
  • WoW64 thunks are implemented for essentially all Unix libraries
  • Backend support for Sony controllers
  • Print Processor architecture is implemented
  • New WINE_D3D_CONFIG environment variable
  • Vulkan driver supports v1.3.237 of the Vulkan spec
  • +more

The updates are going to make a difference for gamers out there who like to run emulators.

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I mean, Linux never had any issues with running emulators in my experience so I am not sure what you mean by that. These updates will mostly impact Windows programs and how they function, i.e. making it better than before. I think the update is huge but work still needs to be done. They have a great team though that is for sure.

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I am likely going to do a full system reset and start with a fresh distro again this upcoming weekend just to try something different. It has been awhile since I changed. I will be updating Wine after that. Can’t wait to give it a try. They packed a lot of really nice updates in this version.

Wine 8.0 is huge. This has opened the door to running many more Windows apps. It is going to remove a lot of added compatibility layers which is great. It is still very early and will likely need more work but this is a solid foundation.

I am wondering if it will get to a point where you can run things like Microsoft Office through Wine and not have any issues. Microsoft has to be worried about this though, right? Being able to harness their programs without needing to be tied down to their OS has to be terrifying for their wallets and closing backdoors lol

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I mean in the sense that you will have more gaming options to run things like Lutris which functions as a means to “emulate” Windows so you can play games. I am probably wording this the worst way possible which is likely why you didn’t understand what I meant, lol :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I could have sworn that Wine already supported Sony controllers. I mean mine has always worked just fine when I used it through Wine. Maybe it is newer ones?

Glad to see this updating coming out swinging. I know they will continue to make this an even more powerful tool. Microsoft should absolutely be scared @Space_Cat

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I’m just glad they finally got WOW64 working. It’s waaaaaayyyyy better for the 32 bit games I have. I was moved to Wine 8 a few days ago and games are working a lot better now.

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Was going to ask how things were in terms of WOW64.

Doing a fresh install tonight and will be trying out Wine 8 tomorrow with some games.

I almost want to laugh. Their entire system has been designed in a way to milk money out of people either indirectly or directly. They don’t even offer privacy anymore and will flat-out tell you they don’t. I don’t know how people continue to use Windows outside of for work.

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As it stands, we are now on Wine 8.0.2. It has been improved to be able to convert Modules to PE format. With that, 32 bit apps can run smoothly on 64 bit computers. The Wine 8.0.2 has Sony Controller support which optimizes gaming on the emulator.

I do not think there is to run 32 bit apps as most of the applications are 64 bit or arm means it becomes something deprecated nowadays and may be removed in the next PC releases.