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In some Ubuntu releases, due to semothing going wrong with installation or upgrade then you find yourself forced to use Wifi adapter most of the time. However, what are the steps if something goes wrong in the installation to repair the problem without need to a wifi adapter ? Is there some command lines without even need to reinstall from scratch or find adequate driver for usb wifi adapter which doesn’t seem the perfect solution most of the time?

Will need a lot more details to help. What is the exact error output. Exact version of Ubuntu. Screenshots of the issue, etc

A little bit more information like the particular Ubuntu release that is giving you trouble and the specific errors you are getting (e.g no networks found) would have helped solve this…

There are some general options though for issues like this. You can do a Log Analysis
(dmesg, /var/log/syslog). That should give you a clue about the possible network related glitches that possibly occured during the upgrade. Alternatively, a Network Diagnostics could also help.

Indeed, I’m using Ubuntu 23.10. The issue began when I replaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu 23.10, causing the Wi-Fi to become undetectable. Consequently, I must use a Wi-Fi adapter, despite my device’s built-in Wi-Fi capability. Should I perform a complete reinstall, or is there a simpler solution?

Looks more like a case of Ubuntu not installing the appropriate WiFi drivers to me. Try running

lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net.

With that, you would be shown your WiFi adapter. An online search for the specific driver and instructions regarding the model and Ubuntu version should reasonably solve the issue.

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Have had the same issue after upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04. It turned out that the problem was in the kernel version that came by default - a kernel bug that broke Wi-Fi was introduced, the kernel with the bug got into the release installation media, and after some 3-4 minor kernel versions the bug was quietly fixed. Try to upgrade your kernel to the latest one available for your distro. Hope it helps. Regards, Andreas

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I think the approach proffered by the very last poster before this post is workable. Upgrading the kernel would very likely include a fix for the bug that might have snuck into the first installation. It uses built in commands and one won’t need to wrestle with external adapters.

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