Which tips can help unleash the Kraken for encoding and rendering?

Most of us Linux users have had that bitter experience of watching the progress bars expectantly, watching our renders move at snail pace across the screen.

So what are your go to Linux specific tools and tweaks for encoding and rendering? Which tools to monitor CPU utilisation and optimise render times? What are the stability issues you have encountered?

Ah, the classic slow render struggle! On Linux, I’d go for tools like FFmpeg for encoding and rendering, as it’s super versatile and efficient. For monitoring CPU usage, htop or Glances are great for real-time monitoring. They give a clear view of what’s hogging resources.

To optimize render times, apart from hardware upgrades, tweaking the software settings to use multi-threading or parallel processing can help. Also, make sure you’re using the latest drivers for your hardware, especially GPU drivers if you’re doing GPU rendering.

Stability-wise, the main issues usually come from resource overloads or compatibility problems with specific software versions. Keeping the system updated and not pushing the hardware beyond its limits are key. If you’re overclocking, stability can take a hit, so it’s a balance between performance and reliability.

What kind of setup are you running? Must be pretty solid considering your background!

I think using online tools for conversion is easier than install ffmpeg and let your linux machine slower than usual. Because all conversions that you use in ffmpeg you could find on online converter. This is the main purpose for such websites being built. This is my point of view only.