Which Open Source DAW would you recommend for use on Linux?

I have caught up with the Linux vibes and wouldn’t want to go back to Widows. However, I have musical roots. I have been in music production and I have been using proprietary software on windows.

Time to go back to music production and I want to stay on Linux. Which open source DAW is robust enough to give me that cutting edge performance on Linux?

Best native DAW for linux is Reaper but It’s not free software
There is Ardour open source and free
For me I use FL Studio under wine 9.2 runs so smooth as it were native

It seems one niche that Linux is lacking in powerful open source options that can be said to he industry standards is DAWs. There are good DAW options for a Linux- native experience though.

We have Bitwig studio as a commercial DAW. It is feature rich for music production. Reaper is also a very good one. If you still need open source options, you can try out LMMS and Audacity. They can put in some shifts but not top notch.