Which distro is best for larger monitors/TV screens?

I have a larger monitor and I know a lot of distros on Linux struggle with giving the best resolution. This is one thing I never had to worry about with windows. I want to be able to scale things properly without my desktop being blurry or having a fuzziness to it.

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Just about all Linux distro work great with monitors/TV.

That said, Ubuntu and Manjaro I’ve found stand out because of the wide adoption. You’ll find great hardware compatibility.

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I would give the original poster a very practical suggestion for this. Choosing a Desktop environment that has a strong support for “High Dots Per Inch” scaling. I would specifically suggest GNOME.

And after you have installed any distro that is your preference, go to “fractional scaling” option under Display settings.

It can also be listed as “Scaling Factor”. Tweaking it a little would fine tune texts and elements to turn out sharp on your screen as you adjust it to fit in to your screen size.