Where is a good place to get HQ wallpapers?

I tend to changed mine out fairly often but I have burned through so many and I can’t find one I like. I know there are places out there that have a good supply of different high-quality wallpapers, but I am struggling to find one. I had a few bookmarked but they appear to be gone or they changed the domain.

Where do you get your wallpapers from?

Personally I used wallbase, now called wallhaven.


I just search for them. I mean if you know what you want, just search “____ HD (or 4K) Wallpaper” and then adjust the sizing on the search engine options. I tend to just find a bunch of scenery pictures that are great quality and have them rotate.

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I use Pexels. It is a database of stock images but they have some pretty amazing wallpaper options on there. You don’t have to sign up or pay anything either.

This is the one I am currently using:


^ Was going to mention this one as well. There is another that appears to be almost a clone site called Upsplash. If I can’t find anything I like, I will do a custom one for myself. I like to mess around with gimp now and then or make my own animated wallpapers on OBS.


Is this a database of wallpapers made by artists? I never heard of the place but I was looking through it and there are a lot of really good ones.

I have used Deviant Art in the past when I wanted something gaming or anime related but this site makes it way easier to find what I want from the looks of it.

My friend has one of those private clouds set up and I just use whatever he has on it. He saved a huge library of amazing images to it and I have a login and access to that folder. It is pretty cool.

I have used Pexels in the past for stock images but never considered browsing them for wallpapers. Ended up downloading a dozen of them. They have some really nice options there! Thanks for sharing that @Rexx