What's everyone working on these days?

My Unix usage has dropped a bit (yes it’s true, BION), which explains my silence in recent times. Work has been very busy, and my free time lately is spent doing ham radio stuff or home automation stuff.

I recently installed a motion sensor + ESP32 in the garage, so now a light automatically lights when someone enters the garage. I replaced some timers with Kasa Smart outlets, so I no longer have to change the timers as the daylight changes throughout the year. There are other things I want to automate around the house, and I’m starting to look at that. My current project is to use an m5stack (I have a gen1 unit) as a display for Home Assistant, showing things like room temperature, motion sensor, thermostat setting, weather forecast, whatever.

What is everyone else working on?


I just had to use Perplexity to look up ‘BION’! Always learning from you.

My Linux usage has increased, I have not used Windows in about 2 weeks. I want to complete two tasks before January 1st. 1) fully unpack and clean out my office! (Saturday) 2) Install sprinklers and drip system in the backyard. (this one I have been procrastinating for about 10 months, lol)

Then in the new year I would really like to set up a weather station on the roof. We have hurricanes every so often so I still have to research more. Really was hoping for something < $200 that can withstand up to 100 MPH wind. Tall ask probably lol

Though I haven’t ventured into much home automation myself, it’s great to hear what are others in the group focusing on these days. Please don’t hesitate to share any links to recommended home automation brands/gadgets. February will make 2 years in our home, so I’m sure at some point I will also want to get into home automation as well.

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