What CentOS alternative distro should you choose?

Originally published at: What CentOS alternative distro should you choose?

In January 2014, CentOS announced it was officially joining Red Hat while staying independent from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) under a new CentOS governing board. However, in December 2020, Red Hat requisitioned that CentOS terminate the development of CentOS 8. They also announced that support would be shifting to a CentOS alternative rolling-release Linux…

I have been keeping an eye on Amazon Linux 2. I am just not sure I want everything to be tied to the company. I have privacy concerns when it comes to Amazon, be them warranted or not. It still seems like they knew what they were doing when setting it up. CentOS being a clone makes it seem more accessible for me since I am familiar with RHEL but I prefer 100% open source so that is kind of a deal breaker.

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AlmaLinux sounds the most promising to me, assuming they don’t get into the paid model platform where they require you to buy all the extras. I don’t mind paying but I need things to remain open source. That being a major reason I moved to Linux from Windows to begin with.

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That is the thing that concerns me. I have seen them cut ties with people who use their servers over night over political differences with their customers. I would hate to run a business on their servers for them to completely uproot it in the blink of an eye. I know they make and build great things but I feel like this is too much of a risk!

Alma or Rocky would be my choice. Oracle made one as well but I wouldn’t use anything by them. I have been using Alma for a few months now (just about) and I have no real issues or complaints about it.

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