What are some good e-mail client alternatives to G-mail?

I tried to make a few new accounts through the app. One went through and I tried for a few others but It is not allowing me and now my first one is locked. I am pretty fed up with g-mail at this point.

What are the best alternatives? I don’t want to use anything like yahoo (if that is even still a thing lol) or Outlook as I can’t stand that client’s functionality.

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Have a loom at Protonmail. Its free up to 500MB which isn’t a lot but as an alternative to gmail, its worth checking out.

Another great option is Tutanota.

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Tutanota looks like a good fit in my plan to take control of my internet presence. I was dismissive of the “world’s most secure email” claim, but from reading their FAQ, I see they’re GDPR compliant and SySS GmbH cetrified. Good. I am curious to know if Tutanota (or similar providers) allow one to download an unencrypted copy of the entire ASCI mailbox (uuencoding and all)? Why? So I can search the plain text on my own; I haven’t seen a search feature I’ve liked in decades.


I use Tutanota as my main these days.

They had some issues with attacks a few times since I switched which was annoying but they sorted it out within 36 hours each time. Protonmail was accused of being part of a honeypot fed setup so if that is something that concerns you, I would avoid them. It was a rumor, never confirmed but you never know.

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These days I can only recommend encrypted e-mail providers.

Outside of what has already been mentioned, Hushmail is another good option. As is CounterMail. You will have to compare things for yourself as each layout is a bit different.

Tutanota in my experience has been the best one I have used. I like the option to have e-mails be encrypted with a password or being able to easily turn that feature off if you are messaging businesses or family who don’t understand what they are doing.

I’ve had good experiences with ProtonMail, and would recommend it as a potential alternative (as @hydn mentioned earlier). Plenty of focus on security measures, if you desire strong assurance in that area.

I would recommend Zoho mail for you because I have been using it for a long times now. It is a mail client that integrates productivity into the mail experience as it comes with seamless integration with other native Zoho apps like calendar, contacts, notes and a project management tool. You can customise it to include own customised email signatures.