What are Open Source Alternatives to Popular SaaS Tools on Linux?

Open source software for some of us have been a revelation because of the freedom and flexibility it affords. But I have thought deeply about the cloud-based tools used for everyday utilities? It seems we can’t help but keep paying fees for proprietary SaaS.

I really want to ditch the cloud and look to open source alternatives. That’s why I am throwing open this thread to seek your opinions on open source alternatives to popular SaaS tools. What are Open Source alternatives to project management, communication and document management? And other utilities too?

I really want to hear your thoughts on this.

Open source offers a refreshing level of control and freedom, totally get that.

For project management, tools like OpenProject or Redmine are solid.

For communication, consider Mattermost or Rocket.Chat.

For document management, try Nextcloud or ownCloud.

These are just a few. Would love to hear more suggestions from the community!

I use the following applications almost every day for my companies:

  • Taiga for agile project management (Jira alternative),
  • Mattermost for text and voice communication (Slack alternative),
  • Jitsi for video conferencing,
  • Nextcloud for document sharing/management,
  • Keycloak and Authelia for SSO.
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