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Hi @gerryxie :handshake:

Great to have you here. So you are familiar with MySQL partitioning vs. splitting tables? I was told by another DBA just last week that partitioning is the preferred way of dealing with tables which have grown out of control.

Looking forward to chatting with you in the forums. Welcome!

hey y’all… I’m a extreme newbie. lbs… I have not a clue what I’m doing but I just bought laptop with zorin installed… soooo this is a bit of a learning curve as I hardly now much about computers in general. and to how I come across this blog… I have no idea but I got here and hopefully I can get better answers when I have questions :smiley:


Welcome to our community! Congrats on the new Linux laptop. What brand is it? Zorin is pretty cool and has improved even more the last few years.

Hello my friends, at least I hope many of you will become my friend!

Started doing computer a few years ago (1977), by building a computer from an article in Pop Comm magazine. Went from there to a Sinclair ZX80 (which I still have and still operates), then on to an LNW-80.

Spend 21 years in the USAF as a Russian Linguist, and installed the first PCs (wang pcs) in Athens Greece in 1983. Retired in 1986 and started a small, very small business providing computers and technology information for small businesses. Stopped doing that, and now just help friends.

about 35 years ago, left Windows behind, and have used Linux ever since. Love it. Mess with Python, databases and general technology. I love tech.

Played the Theatre Organ (a real pipe organ) at the Orpheum Theatre on Broadway for 8 years between the movies, and was on the board of directors of the Los Angeles Theatre Organ Society for 10 years. Past President of the Baldwin Park Rotary Club, and a past Elk who played the organ for numerous lodges.

Love Tech, Astronomy, Music and probably more things then I can list here. Photography has been a life long passion.

I live in “sunny” southern CA, near Los Angeles…would love to move out, but my Filipina wife has too many relatives here. Have travelled extensively while in the AF, to Pakistan, Turkey, Berlin, Crete, West Germany, England, Alaska, Okinawa and the Philippines.


Welcome, @PatMower . I have a ZX81, which I purchased in the early 1980s. Last I checked, it still works, but it is RF-out only, and I would like to mod it for composite out. It’s such a neat little machine. Mine needs a keyboard replacement too.

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You have a very wide experience and history in tech. Honored to have you join us! :handshake:

Check out these topics:

Ya know, for years I have wondered about adding a keyboard to mine. Now it is nothing more than a relic, and with the current state of affairs and most “parts stores” disappearing, it’s tough to get the parts one would need. But I feel for ya!

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Thanks for the tips.

Yep, I’ve been at this for a long time. I use just about any distro in linux, but my “goto” is Linux Mint using the Cinnamon desktop. Don’t spend much time on the desktop, and I love and use Manjaro with the i3wm! That makes everything so much faster. One of my friends calls me the “Linux Evangelist”!


Hi, I’ve been doing software since 1965. Now retired, I still dabble with HTML and PHP, and run Ubuntu, MACOS and Windows 11 on my various computers.

Doug Grant
New Hampshire, USA


Welcome to our Tech community! :handshake:

If you have the chance and don’t mind; please Share your OS, Distro, Desktop setup - (screenshots, photos)

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Started on PDP 11/70 and old IBM peg board systems. Network & Systems admin most of my career. 34 years of Unix and evolving Linux servers and workstations. Survived the Unix wars and butted heads with vendors trying to sell networking solutions.
Retired now and loving it. Enjoying the features of current Ubuntu. Even got a few of my friends to switch to Linux from Windows. Retirement does have its good days…


Have been a Linux buff since 1994 when I installed Slackware on a 486 DX2 66. Am interested in PC’s, philosophy, literature & history.


Slackware was my first Linux experience as well (not my first Unix experience – that goes to SunOS 4). I remember having install parties where we’d line 5-10 systems up in a row… one person would make floppies, while everyone else would install and pass the floppies down the row, then the floppies were recycled at the end. Good times.

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Sounds like a community of Linux enthusiasts, which must have been fun. The people around me were Mac or Wintel users. What I liked about Linux was its infinite configurability: every aspect of the system was, in principle at least, open to tinkering. With Wintel platforms, “transparency” means opacity. It was a good education. I remember setting up X windows on an early version of Redhat. It involved using monitor specifications (front porch, back porch) & calculations with your video card’s dot clock to write modelines. A lot of trial & error.

Much later, a Linux users group formed in my area, but that group more or less stopped meeting & went virtual. One of my other interests is history. Have you ever read A Quarter Century of Unix? Can you recommend other books on the history of Unix/Linux?


Hi! My name is Jonathan, i’m a 35 years old dev, who worked mainly on web project but also a lot of devops and some linux server maintenance.

Happy to be here, this website is promising.

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@Harry_Skelton @zarton @krakenweb Welcome to our tech community gentlemen. :handshake:

Thanks for this suggestion: A Quarter Century of Unix? I have not heard of it.

How about “How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know”?

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Thanks for your tip. The title alone sounds great. I recognize that everything Linux is on the Web, but it usually comes in bits & pieces. Sometimes a book, written from a coherent perspective, will tie stuff together in a way that better furthers your overall understanding.

Hello from India,
I have been a Microsoft lover all my corporate life.!!
Just 8 years ago, my son, then 10, introduced me to Ubuntu Desktop and few linux commands… And helping him learn, made me grow as an open-source techie.
Currently, trying to keep pace in fast changing tech world and work as free-lancer CyberSec Consultant.

Nonetheless, I am happy to connect with everyone here and offer my 2 cents to discussions hereon.!!

Kinshuk Joshii
CyberSec Consultant

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First a shoutout to my fellow ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000 peeps! Still remember typing in the code for a Frogger-like game and saving that to tape so I didn’t have to type it all in again.

Been at it since 6th grade, but really didn’t get back into tech until college when I took a couple semesters of C/C++. Been using my English major skills in IT for over twenty years now.

Started with comercial LaserJet support, technical writing, project managing the technical writing, and eventually went back to the support world and now find myself trying to tame the beast of Splunk and all things logging and monitoring.

Looking to build out a home lab so I can work on my packet capture/analysis skills. Glad to be hear :slight_smile:


Welcome @CrustyB :handshake:

I had to Google search ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000 :grinning:

I’m mid 40’s, but I had never heard of those. Would have been still drinking from a sippy cup when they launched. hahaha!

It’s great to have you here! I know a couple of members who probably remember ZX81/Timex Sinclair 1000