WD My Cloud Home not integrating with by Ubuntu

In my quest for more safe storage, I just bought a WD My Cloud Home 4TB as a personal cloud storage device. The goal was that I would have a central location for all my media files.

Trying to integrate it with my Ubuntu 22.04 is proving very difficult. Features like automatic backups, and media streaming don’t seem to be working.

Which third party tool or manual configuration would remedy the situation. That’s because, the cloud storage doesn’t have a native Linux support.

Every help is greatly appreciated.

Hey @Slys,

Integrating WD My Cloud Home with Ubuntu without native support can be tricky but not impossible. Since the device is designed to work seamlessly with Windows and macOS environments, Linux users often need to get a bit creative.

  1. Samba/CIFS: The most straightforward method is to mount your WD My Cloud Home as a network drive using Samba/CIFS. You can do this by installing the cifs-utils package and then mounting the drive using the mount command or adding it to your /etc/fstab for automatic mounting at boot.
  2. Third-Party Tools: For features like automatic backups, consider tools like rsync for syncing files, or cron jobs for scheduling these backups. For media streaming, you might explore setting up a DLNA server on Ubuntu that accesses your My Cloud storage.
  3. WD Discovery via Wine: Some users have reported success running WD Discovery software through Wine, allowing them to access some of the native features. This might be hit or miss and requires some tinkering.
  4. Consult WD Support and Community Forums: There might be new tools or methods developed by the community for better integration, so keeping an eye on those can be beneficial.

Remember, the key is to ensure your My Cloud is accessible over your network. Once that’s set, you can use various Linux tools to interact with it.

Hope this helps, and happy tinkering!