Virtualisation OS

What hypervisor OS would you recommend as experienced user(s)?

  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

  • XCP-ng 8.2.1 LTS

  • CentOS 7

Or is it something else?

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+1 for Ubuntu server.

I guess I may have misunderstood, if he wants a base OS, UBUNTU for sure. :+1:

For those of you don’t know what I referring in original post. The XCP-ng is meant to be this (

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@Ben Well this may turn your head. Especially when combined with Xen Orchestra (Xen-Orchestra ✦ Web Interface for XenServer).

Yeah I’ve heard Lawrence talk about that on YouTube. I’ve never tried it tho. Are the resources fairly low similar to ESX and proxmox?

@Ben Here’s a link to the system requirements to run it.

Ubuntu gets my vote. I think it is a great option for both experienced and moderate users. There is a nice balance. You can make the most of it with more experience but you can also make use of it as some who is only somewhat experienced.

My pick from the list would be XCP-ng. It offers optimum levels of control because it runs directly on hardware. It has an open source core which directly means it is highly customizable.

Alternatively, I would say Proxmox VE is also good. It combines the real power of KVM to an intuitive user interface to optimally manage VMs.

I would also for the ubuntu server and if you want then use the container or the portrainer for the layering.

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I prefer to use;

  • Debian for bare-metal installation,
  • Debian and Portainer for dockerization,
  • Proxmox for virtualization
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@serhattsnmz thats great. I am releasing a new portainer code and that will make easier and even you can with a little code change can use it for the docker also.

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