Very excited to try out the new Firewalla Blue Plus!

Very excited to try out the new FWB+.
Thank you @hydn . I will test the device for a few weeks, dial it in, and I will write a review about it.

Thank you again.

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Awesome Ben! Shipping had said the 10th would be delivery, so that was quick.

It looks a bit dusty. Was the box sealed completely? Or your camera is super high def or something lol You can never be to sure with Amazon. :expressionless:

Looking forward to seeing it in action and reading your findings and impressions.

It was new indeed , sealed and all.
The plastic cover was still on the device, so I’d imagine the dust stuck to it like a magnet. :+1:
After work, I’m going to install it.

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I am not really a fan of hardware firewalls, I’ve used SonicWalls in the past and didn’t really like them.

I’d rather just put pfSense on existing hardware. That being said, I look forward to seeing what you think of this device as I have a friend who is currently considering it.

That’s really cool. I remember reading about Firewalla a while back, but didn’t look into it much since I have gigabit Internet service (they have since released a gigabit version, I see). I look forward to your review.

Also, congratulations, @Ben!

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One plus about this device is the low power usage @ only ~7W! Will be interesting the performance possible. The Apple app is rated noticeably higher than the Android app. I wonder why… maybe more features?

Do you plan on running any docker containers? I’m curious as to how that would impact the performance.

I might run a few small projects, like grafana and prometheus. Those shouldn’t use more than 100mb ram together. :slight_smile: