Updating Ubuntu offline using a Graphical Interface- Possible or Not?

Hi everyone, a close friend of mine wants to run Ubuntu updates on his system offline but doesn’t want to use command line.

The complain is that it is very difficult for him to navigate through all those complex commands and package management.

The best solution I found from my research was tools like apt-offline but it seems like it involves offline and online elements to completion of the update.

That’s why I want to ask if anyone knows a suggestion of a single Graphical Interface that is easy to streamline your offline updates on Ubuntu?

For a GUI solution to manage Ubuntu updates offline, you might consider using Synaptic Package Manager. Although primarily an online package manager, Synaptic can generate a script for downloading updates on another machine (with internet access), which you can then use to update the offline system. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. On the offline system, use Synaptic to mark the updates/packages you want to install.
  2. Generate a download script via Synaptic and transfer it to an online system.
  3. Run the script on the online system to download the packages.
  4. Transfer the downloaded packages back to the offline system.
  5. Use Synaptic on the offline system to install the packages from the local source.

This method requires initial setup but provides a more user-friendly interface for managing offline updates.

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@devdev @Don11 You dont have to do anything and to install simply use the gnome

$sudo apt-get install gnome

it will prompt for the gbm and go with the lightgbm3 and it will install a nautilus file browser as well as the software package manager. Rest there is no need and it doesnt work actually.

alles super,

@sablokgaurav That’s not what he is asking.

Although I cannot imagine why anyone would want this. lol