Unity 7 updated for the first time in 6 years!

Not an official release, but still exciting.

I’ve always loved Unity and wish it would become the default in Ubuntu (or any distro) again.
Active development has restarted and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

More here: Announcing the stable release of Unity 7.6

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Thanks for sharing. This is very interesting that there’s still continued spin-off support/development. I can’t see past the purple though. :disappointed:

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That put me off with it right away when I looked at it. Is it not an option to change that?

To me, I would think most of not all operating systems want to avoid locking in one set color. It is not the '90s anymore lol

Strange to do an update after 6 years but I guess long periods between updates have happened in the past. I may check it out. I was never a big fan of Unity so I never actually tried it. Maybe this update can change my mind.

How long does testing typically take?

I would imagine that since there was such a huge gap in between updates, it will take longer than the standard.

Huh, Well I’ll use this information within my pieces of software under “settings / appearance”. I agree with that but yet it may still break branding.