Ubisoft launcher not working?

There was a recent update and it appears to have broken any games from running that use Ubisoft Connect. I was too tired to bother with it last night. I figured I would post here and see if there is a solution for it.

It is telling me that it had detected an unrecoverable error and has to shut down. I can’t remember what it says after that, something with a crash dump. It happens every time.

I only know about this from a friend. He was livid when this happened as he streams on Twitch. The Valve team seemed to have jumped right on it and found a workaround for it. Thankfully it only took a day or two.

Here is the fix:


It amazes me how many times they manage to break things with every update they do. All of these launchers just give gamers on PC more headaches and allow these publishers to basically crack down on privacy and push marketing/sales on players.

As much as I enjoy gaming on PC for certain titles, I am considering more back fully to console.

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Rumor has it Ubisoft Connect sales are tanking. They seem to make little to no effort to even attempt to test these updates for Linux or Proton which disregards so many players. I have seen nothing but growing communities of hatred for Ubisoft. They rival EA at this point.

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Thanks for posting this. I did end up finding the information the next day after a bit of digging but I appreciate the help. So many of these game development companies are really testing my patience these days.

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