Turnkey Linux vs. Bitnami

I’m leaning towards Turnkey since it uses Ubuntu. But would like to know what the community thinks. Turnkey Linux vs. Bitnami, which would be your preferred?

I am looking at using it for MediaWiki.

As much as I’d love to give an opinion on either of them I’ve never tried them. But I will give a “shameless plug” to Debian Stable :wink:

Yeah, I’m with @tmick . These days, I use Ubuntu 22 for everything, but I’m also only running servers (no GUI).

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I would still prefer you stick to Turnkey. Customization of Bitnami isn’t something that we can say is a straight forward thing when you compare it to Turnkey which is far relatively easier to customize. Also, if you are rooted in Open Source principles, it is better you stick with Turnkey.