Trying to find a music player similar to Windows, does one exist?

I want to find a Linux music player that is similar to the one on Windows. I am most used to that one. I have tried a few different music players (there are a lot of options to go through) but I just want to narrow things down to the ones that function most like the Windows music player. Having been on Windows since the '90s and only having been on Linux for a year or so, I am just trying to make my experience as similar to what I am used to as possible. I made the switch mostly for privacy reasons.

Hi Samm, Welcome to the community. Please try Clementine player. I’ve also had success with Foobar2000.


Clementine is what I use. It is somewhat cloned from Windows Media Player. You will see a lot of similarities. I find that I am able to do what I could in Windows and then some but without it being overly confusing.

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I’ll check both those out today, thanks!

I looked it up on images just to see what it looks like and it does look similar. I will have to see how it functions to know if I will like it or not though.

I’d forgotten about Clementine. I’ve just set up a Raspberry Pi as a media player in my house, and need to find a “pretty” player that displays album covers while it plays music, as it’s displaying on a 55" TV. :slight_smile:

One of the most solid music players on Linux that gives you a windows feel is QuodLibet. It is very light and it’s core speciality on powerful music organization and playback. The filtering and search functionality is as powerful as WMP’s advanced library. It handles compressed audio formats effortlessly.

I used to use AIMP years ago, and it looks like it’s still being supported and developed. It was highly customizable and felt like Winamp. You might want to take a look at that.

The Linux version of AIMP is not as expensive as the version that runs directly on windows. I think AIMP for Linux is in beta and still not released as an official app. This means one won’t be able to get support if something unexpected happens when using the app.