The Next Google (thoughts?)

The next Google. What are your thoughts?

My 2 cents
I think the replacement of Google can’t come sooner. Google invades our privacy and keeps users’ data hostage for more money. But let’s be honest, If it’s any good, it gets bought by Google :frowning:

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I understand they (Google) sell our data to pay for services, but which company doesn’t? Even ISPs are selling you DNS history to 3rd party companies. It’s part of the beast, free service = data mining or ads. :wink:

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I’d have to agree with Ben. Most are the same so you have to take your own precautions. I use Android, Gmail, Drive and google photos. But take precautions and make use of some of the privacy setting.

However, more to the point of the article, nothing last forever or is too bing to fail. I just dont see how that will happen at the moment without a massive failure of the internet itself. Or some other life changing global technology platform that monopolies our time. :person_shrugging:

Interesting read though.

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I think…the convergence of the next pivotal “public opinion” about Google or search engines will happen, but at a time that may be hard to predict now.

That being said, I do like the creativity and different directions that some of these variations of search engines have provided/taken. Some more useful than others, and I would like to see how some of the teams behind these variations can find a golden medium between creativity, security, and compliance, while still providing the service(s) they provide. :thinking:

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I’ve tried a few. Duckduckgo seemed to be the closest to Google if not the same, but I still find myself going back to googs as my phone and services are tied to them.

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There’s a browser called brave browser where you can earn crypto as a reward for just using it. It seemed like a good way to earn free crypto and it can block google tracking now

My thoughts on Brave are this:

It’s a chromium based browser, that blocks trackers and ads by default.

But what’s the difference when using chrome with plugins such as AdBlock and Ultra block? Wouldn’t you accomplish the samethjng?,that%20track%20your%20online%20behaviour.

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Hey Ben. Chrome and Edge etc do a lot of telemetry back to their vendor systems about the users which is not (necessarily) the same as ad tracking.

Brave calls this out and doesn’t do it: Comparing the Network Behavior of Popular Browsers on First-Run | Brave

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Hey Morgs, I saw that as well. I’m not too concerned tho as I’m a Google user. Most of the calls that Chrome makes is to identify if you have an existing account. I guess the fact that Google records keystrokes kind of bothers me I never knew it did that. But otherwise I’m very deep in the Google ecosystem. And likewise Facebook listens to your conversations via the microphone :smirk: thus privacy is very limited.

A good thing to take back from the article is this:
“Chrome was not observed to successfully access and/or share any personal or sensitive information.”

I take privacy seriously, maybe too seriously?

There are companies that don’t sell your data because they believe that is wrong. I get that these companies need to make a profit somehow but how much does Google really need?

As of now, I use Brave with StartPage as my browser.