The KDE Connect App Brings iPhone to Linux

The KDE Connect app is now available for free on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s restrictions make it less functional than the Android version, but it still provides significant integration between your iPhone and Linux desktop. KDE Connect for iOS lets you:

Use your Linux desktop to find a lost iPhone
Send images and files back and forth between Linux and iOS
View the battery status of the iPhone on Linux and vice versa
Send the iPhone’s clipboard to Linux
Use your iPhone as a pointer device or slideshow controller for Linux
Run Linux commands on your Linux desktop from your iPhone

I am not sure who here uses iPhones but this is something that might be useful if you do! I have not owned one for several years now. I prefer Android myself. This is still a good app to have if you run Linux and do use an iPhone as it allows you to do things you would normally not be able to do. Apple has no interest in Linux and likely never will so making using of integration apps like this allows you to get a better overall experience if you plan on sticking with iOS or plan on moving away from Android in the future.


Wow, that’s really cool - thanks for posting! I mean, I don’t have a Linux desktop, but it’s still really cool. I wonder if all this would work with a VM (that is, over network/wifi) or if it requires bluetooth. In my quick searches I only found reference to doing things “wirelessly.” If it would work with wifi/network, then I could try this in a VM. Hmm…

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I use two phones and my work phone actually is an iPhone so this could actually come in handy. I had no idea anyone had been working on this or I would have been following it. Thanks for sharing!

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