Suggestions for small office APs

A friend of mine just purchased an 2-floor office unit and the previous owner removed their APs. (Not sure what models they were)

Let behind is DELL server, NAS, and all the Cat6 in-wall wiring. He and his partner works mostly via WiFi from their MacBooks. When not wired, they would need WiFi APs to connect to. Something that can plug into the existing network cables via the switch. Here’s a photo of what was left behind (drive-less):

Question: Do you guys recommend any models of APs that can work without a management controller? Personally, I’m more familar with Unifi APs, but it requires a controller; even if installed on a Raspberry Pi or their dongle.

I’ve been considering TP-Link EAP610 V2. (controller is optional/can be added later)

So ended up going with Unifi U6+:

Installed the controller on the existing server.