Sudo-ldap has become a burden to maintain

Got this during update today. Just before bed. Will follow up tomorrow.

I checked my system with dpkg -l | grep sudo-ldap and sudo-ldap not installed.

Will make additional checks tomorrow and update here for anyone else on Debian and Debian derivatives.

Edit: follow the discussion here:


The first thing is that they may split into different repositories so if you need a specific sudo-ldap functionnality you install the correspondant one to your need. The second thing, after apply this, maintenance time will be easier. The concept is similar to coding when you have one module including everything or you just split into 4 or 5 modules so update a specific module does not affect the other modules. This seems legitimate to show this warning message. I do not want to repeat what is stated in the documentation that I have readen mentionned in this thread but this is my point of view.

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