SSH3 - the secure shell protocol using HTTP/3

Check out SSH3, the secure shell protocol using HTTP/3, offers notable improvements like faster session establishment and enhanced security through TLS 1.3 and QUIC. Its features include robustness against port scanning attacks, UDP port forwarding, and compatibility with modern OpenSSH features.

It’s still in experimental stages, but brings new authentication methods like OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, making it a compelling option.

Check out SSH3, visit SSH3 on GitHub. Thoughts?

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It looks promising but is it officially supported by IETF? I’ve not found any official standardization document like the last version of SSH. If it’s not supported by IETF, I’m not sure if it’s trustworthy.

I’m looking forward to the port scanning invisibility.
I’m so tired of looking on my logs, Even with a random SSH port, people trying to log in. I think that’s the best feature so far, in my opinion.

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I think o auth 2 connect is everything related to Facebook or Microsoft or yahoo or Gmail connect. Some goes to apple or wallet connect feature. Does open id connect means with your chat GPT account or doesn’t related? Or with USB or your biometric data?

Even when it is still experimental, SSH3 sounds like it has lots of potentials. I have experience using it and I found it’s OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect very appealing. I really would want to see it develop and how it would impact secure remote access in the future.

Many programs are fully functionnal in the experimental phase. However, the final release could contain a little bit more functionnalities. It sounds as promising feature that could be used by developers and websites. It is reputable nowadays.