Software update on my Ubuntu reverts back after reboot. Help!

There is an issue that I really find disturbing. I have been battling to run a successful GIMP updates on my Ubuntu machine. Used the software center to install the updates but when the system is rebooted, the update vanishes and GIMP reverts back to the old version.

The Updates is for GIMP 3.8.2 to update to 3.8.3. Updates would install successfully but goes back to 3.8.2 after reboot. It is on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Any insight on the possible cause of this and how does it gets fixed?

It seems you’re encountering a peculiar issue with GIMP reverting to an older version after updating. Try updating GIMP via terminal instead. Open your terminal and execute:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gimp

This ensures you’re getting the latest version available in your repository. If the issue persists, it might be worth checking if a specific repository or snap package is causing the rollback.

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I think some package does not install well. Means a deprecated library or the installation is not in the adequate version that might cause such case. Like version of a module is ^3.00 | 3.05 - 3.07 and the installed version is 3.04 or 3.08 which leads to reversal after upgrade. I have faced a lot similar problems of dependencies.