Should I keep my system "dual booted"?

I still have Windows on my PC. I wiped everything from it but I still have the option to boot into it. I have considered getting rid of it but I worry that if I do something wrong and need to be able to work (I work part-time from home) I will be screwed. Does anyone else here dual boot? Are they positives or negatives to it?

It really isn’t necessary but I can understand wanting to. Some programs can’t be used on Linux and if you are new to it and still learning how to use it, keeping Windows for a bit can’t do any harm. For security reasons (which is mostly why people move over to Linux) I would make sure you have all your privacy settings on Windows proper. Even though you aren’t using it, they still have a backdoor to your system.

If you still need to have access to it for certain programs, then keep it. Linux is not a bulky operating system so most PCs have no issue keeping both on. I do like to keep mine on separate drives though personally.

What programs or features do you need to access in your windows setup if you work from home?

You’ll be surprised to find out that most programs might work if using “wine” or other alternatives,some programs might even exist as Linux versions of the same:)

What kind of linux distro are you keen on using if you know that already:)

Mostly MS Office apps -Word, Excel, Powerpoint. I would like to be able to continue real-time sync to my onedrive as well.

I would dual boot. Ssds are so cheap, you can toss one in there and see if you like Linux.

My advice would be that you should shrink the windows partition. No need to wipe it off completely. I think you should easily see Linux installers that offer this option. Alternatively, you can use Etcher to create a bootable USB drive of the Linux distro that you want to run.