Set up 2FA for linux account

I have readen that it is possible to make 2FA for Linux SSH system. But does it possible to make 2FA for a user on Ubuntu? Is there something to install for that? That means instead of username and password scan a QR Code and provide 2FA code to login to your ubuntu user account? It could be more secure instead of crame password.

You simply need Display manager with Google Authenticator
it needs to be implemented into the display manager such as > sddm gdm3 lightdm etc

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You are on point with the idea of using a display manager with Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator allows the Display Manager to integrate with it to authenticate login credentials. If the username and password is passed, the Goggle Authenticator would generate an additional code on the user’s phone and prompt that the user should enter the code.

The Display Manager would then transmit the code put in to Google Authenticator for verification before access is granted.

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