Server Management Dashboard or not another?

Hiya all, it’s been a long time. I’m planning on working on server software like cockpit (sorry, I was on break for a bit) and wondered what you all would want to see from personal project of mine. And i’m not sure if i should proceed. Plus this gives me a reason to post.

The main reason I am thinking on carrying this through is that most software seems a little “dated” or is very difficult to make extensions for. Dated being like from 2009 (it looks REALLY bad and is horrible to use) and Cockpit still using the same page format as it’s bootstrap 3 dashboard before the refresh.

Of course modularity and documentation will be utmost priority alongside good code practices for if the initial version comes out in case you wish to make pull requests. (I don’t plan on monetising it so it should be FOSS) whilst providing tools to easily help create extensions that can be plugged in on the fly

It should contain base features and monitoring of specific processes but I can’t promise much.

As I said, I’m not sure if I should consider it there are tools like Ansible already there and it may already be overcrowded. I don’t want to add more stains onto a bowl of possibly spaghetti software. Though I am making a design guideline and component kit to make projects like these easier to do and maintain

If I create this, I understand that I’ll be maintaining most if not all of it which considering my current schedule will be quite hard. Looks like I also forgot to finish the title.

Considering I’m still pretty new and want to know what would be the most useful to have on hand as a dashboard, I want your opinion on this. Considering what other software may lack, what features would you request that you don’t have currently?

I know my writing is everywhere but that’s how i am, as someone asked me:

What are you on and where can I get it?

The answer was… way too much coffee. I mean, 7 cups of cheap coffee in a thermos type of “too much coffee.”

Feel free to ask me anything because it’ll help me come up with ideas. So responding with another question is valid! :smiley:

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Well judging by the lack of interest, I’m putting this further back.

Ah, I remember about this. You mean something similar to, yes?

I think it’s a good idea for a Github-based project. Cockpit as-is is ok, just not as visually appealing.

Also, with a name like Cockpit, I expected more gauges, quick options/switches and graphs. Something like this:

haha JK. But you know what I mean.

Giving you a suggestion in 2024, I would suggest that alongside Cockpit, you should explore Webmin. It has pre built modules for various tasks in server administration. With it, you get more options to configure and have control the way you want. I don’t know what your depth of management is but I think Webmin is a good option with Cockpit. Check here: (

I make a lot on their website, it is Ubuntu solution only means I think they have a release either for Windows but not found. I need to manage system on both Almalinux and Windows Slys.