SCP Linux - Securely Copy Files Using SCP examples

Originally published at: SCP Linux - Securely Copy Files Using SCP examples

This post includes SCP examples. SCP or secure copy allows the secure transferring of files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts. It uses the same authentication and security as the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol from which it is based. SCP is loved for its simplicity, security, and pre-installed…

Another example is using a different cipher for transfers:

scp -c aes256-ctr user@source_host:/path/to/file /local/target/directory/

This command using “-c” (lowercase) specifies a different cipher (aes256-ctr) for the data transfer, affecting speed and security.

Now I got a Pi5, I thought it’d be interesting to see if I could connect it with my Pi3 directly by ethernet. scp looks like the command I’d use to transfer files. Does anybody know where I can find instructions to do that?

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You could connect them to the same network switch. Once they get an IP from your router, then use the LAN IPs to connect via scp.