Running Windows apps on Linux w/Bottles?

I am only familiar with using Lutris but this has gained some interest for me. I am just not sure how to incorporate it or what distros it is best suited for. Does anyone here have experience? How does it compare to using Lutris? Things are limited with Lutris being that it functions mainly for games and music management mostly.

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Overall, Lutris has the better scripts. The easiest way I can describe it is that Wine uses prefixes that contain the data for Windows apps whereas Bottles will manage the prefixes for you which allows you to have more access to settings and other things. It is more “hands-on” but tends to come with its own limits.

What apps are you looking to run?

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I find the Lutris GUI to be a bit of a mess. I have had some games and applications run okay and other ones that should run great, not even start. I have had to find workaround for a lot of various things. I have no experience with Bottles but I am looking into switching.

If you run mostly games, just stick with Lutris. They are already adding new stuff to that. Bottles gives you more options when it comes to apps as it is less “gaming-focused” and more of a media station.

A bit of this and that. I was looking into it more and others have said similar. Since I do play games, it would seem backward to go with Bottles as they are not designed specifically for gaming like Lutris.